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Vegetated retaining wall

The uses of VOM system are truly endless. You can use our bag system easily and fast to improve your garden or land. By themselves you can build small walls, terraces, beautiful cascades and rock gardens. 

Price and time

VOM system is cheaper by almost 40% in comparison with regular stone or concrete wall. VOM system is design with importance on easy install and minimal difficulty.  


VOM technology has longer longevity than regular concrete, up to 120 years. Bags made from special geotextile material are soft, and easily formed and can be used with ease in unstable terrain or in terrain with bad access. 


VOM system is recycled and non-toxic product. The effect of VOM system on surrounding nature is minimal. In the making of VOM system 97% less CO2 gases are produced than in comparable amount of concrete making. 

Vďaka VOM máme krásny zelený múr za našim domom za zlomok ceny oproti betónu.
Peter, Senec
Vďaka systému vom som si sama založila skalku na záhrade. Ďakujem
Ivana, Bratislava